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The American Speed Reading Corporation is proud to announce a new innovative reading program that will enable you to double, triple, even quadruple your reading speed and comprehension.

Our staff consists of former Evelyn Wood instructors who average 25 years of teaching experience. You will cut your reading time in half and be more productive in the classroom, the workplace and in life.

We will show you how to break old reading habits such as fixating on words, losing comprehension and forgetting important details.

You will learn new styles of note taking: write less and remember more. No longer will you need to write down everything. In moments, vital information will be yours. You will be more knowledgeable and confident, whether taking an exam or giving a lecture.

Memory skills will keep important facts at your finger tips. We will show you how to process information at an accelerated rate, gain organizational skills and broaden your chance for success.

All reading materials should not be read in the same manner. You will learn techniques to breeze through newspapers, magazines, novels and technical journals.

All courses are designed to fit specific needs of our clients.

The Goal of the American Speed Reading Corporation

The goal of the American Speed Reading Corporate Program is to enable clients to improve their productivity in the workplace through learning a faster, innovative way of reading and synthesizing printed material. This goal will be achieved through the following objectives. Clients will:

  • Identify and learn to break old reading habits.
  • Visualize word groups and concepts at an accelerated rate.
  • Rapidly process a variety of information (i.e., highly responsible materials, course work, journal articles, and pleasure reading).
  • Double or triple current reading speeds while maintaining or improving comprehension.
  • Learn an innovative style of note taking for highly responsible material presented at workshops, lectures and seminars.

Course Outline

  • Pretest: Establishing a Baseline for Speed and Comprehension Levels of Clients Prior to Beginning the Course
  • Objectives of Course
  • Reading with Your Hand as a Pacer
  • Increasing Reading Speed
  • Multiple Reading Process: The First Step toward True Reading Comprehension
  • The Recall Pattern: An Innovative Style of Note taking
  • Midcourse Evaluation
  • Reading Information in Columns: Newspapers, Journal Articles, and Abstracts
  • Expanding the Recall Pattern for Technical/Highly Responsible Material
  • Review
  • Speed and Comprehension Posttest
  • Course Evaluation

"Double, triple, quadruple your reading speed
 and comprehension!"

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