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Home Study Program

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The American Speed Reading Corporation offers a five hour Home Study Program. Six months in the making, we believe it is easy to learn yet the most complete speed reading course on video today.

All reading materials should not be read in the same manner. You will learn techniques to breeze through technical material, newspapers, magazines, and novels.

Youíll monitor your own progress through questions and pre-and post-tests. With our innovative style of note-taking, youíll learn to write less but remember more.

Unlike other programs, you wonít be watching a staged classroom setting. Youíll feel as if Al Tuve, the president of American Speed Reading, is right there, overseeing your progress as your personal instructor.

And should you ever need assistance, we include both an e-mail address and a toll free number, so you can speak directly with one of our certified instructors. All this and more for only $239.00, plus shipping.


"Double, triple, quadruple your reading speed
 and comprehension!"

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards are welcome.

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